Game Development in China
Next-Gen Gaming Technology
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Next-Gen Game Development
InterServ achieves steady growth by developing and innovating key technologies that provide added value to our clients. Innovating key technologies has led to the development of proprietary 3D engines and even the rare internal capability to develop and host MMOG and cross-platform online games.

Online and Cross-Platform Capabilities
We have the unique ability to develop and support online and MMOG games that allow users of multiple platforms to engage in the same 3D environments online. Click here for more details about our online game development in China.

Next-Gen Development
Highlighted by advanced 3D engines and the most skilled artists from all of Asia, our next-gen game development features breathtaking next-gen art assets for any genre or platform at a fraction of the cost in North America.

Proprietary Technology
We innovate propriety 3D game engines and servers to stay ahead of the fast pace growth in our industry and to provide unique services that give our clients a competitive advantage.

Motion Capturing

InterServ offers state-of-the-art motion capturing services and one of the largest digital martial arts databases in the industry.

Our artists are skilled in using the latest software including Adobe Creative Suite, Z-Brush, Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, XSI, and other normal and specular map design software.

Game Dev Technology
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