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Game Development Breakdown
InterServ is one of the largest and most experienced game developers in Asia. We develop serious and casual games for PC, current and next-gen consoles, online, MMOG and cross-platform systems. Our experience, innovation, and quality have earned us the international distinction of being a member of the Microsoft Xbox Registered Developers Program.

A Step above the Rest
InterServ has developed 17 game titles, selling millions of copies and being published in 9 different languages. Our game development services include features that differentiate us as a leading game developer in Asia. These include:
  • International Production Standards
• Production Control Management Tools
• Online, MMOG and Next-Gen Development
• Intellectual Property Protection Measures
• Advanced Quality Control and Assurance Systems

Game Development Categories
Our offshore game development services are broken down into 3 categories:
• Full Game Development - Work-for-Hire & Original Concept
• Casual Games
• Online & MMOG Games
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