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Since being founded in 1989, InterServ has enjoyed steady and sustainable growth by staying true to our core values of innovation, entertainment value, professionalism, and quality. InterServ has been a leader in each stage of its development, acting as a first mover into specific markets or platforms and innovating proprietary technologies. This history outlines the experience and progress of InterServ, a leader in the game development and art outsourcing industry in Asia, North America, and Europe.


Word Puzzle: Word Puzzle is released for Xbox360 LIVE Arcade


Mage Knight: Apocalypse is released for PC and online platforms.


• InterServ announces the development of a new, original concept MMOG.

• InterServ receives license from Microsoft to develop titles for cross-platform compatibility for Xbox and PC .


Iron Phoenix wins "Most Innovative Game of E3" as the first game with capability to handle 16 fighters simultaneously in an online battleground. (Xbox Live).


• InterServ forms development partnerships with US publisher Sammy Studios to produce Iron Phoenix on the Xbox Live platform.

• InterServ forms additional partnerships with world-class European and Japanese developers and publishers particularly due to our full range of art production services .


• InterServ goes public and begins trading on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (6169) with capital of US $7.8 Million.

• InterServ expands to North America, opening branch office in Irvine, California, USA.


• InterServ releases the first locally developed MMOG Swordman Online, with a registered user base of 1.5 million across China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

• UC520 - the 1st online e-learning website for children, receives many awards and is recognized by the government as one of the 10 best childrens websites in Taiwan.


• InterServ expands into China with opening of full production studio in Shanghai.

• InterServ releases the record-breaking 3D RPG Swordman, with the entire series selling well over 1 million units worldwide.


• The A-Mao learning series becomes the most used edutainment titles across the K-12 education system in Taiwan.


• Capital expands to US$5 million.

• InterServ releases the first domestically produced 3D game Yamaraja - The Magic Dungeon.

• InterServ releases Hot War - the first joint production/marketing effort between an interactive entertainment company and a film company.


• Acer becomes InterServ's second institutional investor.

• Proprietary engine development project receives government's recognition and grant.


• InterServ releases first hit game title Takalamagan - the Legend of Dunhuang, across PC, Saturn, and Playstation platforms.


• English learning software for children A-Mao ABC receives the Gold Award and is distributed throughout Asia via Longmans network, selling well over 60K units.


• InterServ releases Palala Rhapsody, the 1st cross platform (PC/MAC) multimedia CDROM product in Taiwan, receiving numerous awards.


• E-Ten becomes InterServ's first institutional investor.


• Sheree Tsao leaves HP Taiwan and founds InterServ International.

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